Permanent Make-Up by Phoebe - Invest in your beautiful self.


What Is Permanent Cosmetics?

Intradermal Pigmentation is a revolutionary method of applying micro-insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.  This state of the art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe.  Permanent cosmetic make-up is used to enhance your natural beauty and in many cases, improve on nature's imperfections.


Before                      After

Anyone who desires fullness or definition to their eyebrows will benefit from permanent eyebrows.  From a few strokes to fill small areas to total brow re-creation, your technician can give you the freedom of never using an eyebrow pencil again and never waking up without brows.  Just imagine!

Microblading Available!


Before                           After

From a soft, natural-looking enhancement to a more defined line.  The choice is yours!  Permanent eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colors.  Whatever look you choose, you will wake up, shower, exercise, work, and swim and go to bed always looking great!


Before                                   After

Lip Liner can be applied to give more definition, correct uneven lips, or add fullness to the mouth.  The procedure also helps prevent lipstick from bleeding and can minimize the appearance of wrinkles.  Or forget the lipstick altogether and add full lip color!  Full lip color can be applied in a natural hue or a more vivid one.  Wear it alone or apply different shades of lipstick over your permanent lip color.  You will find that the color never disappears.

Who Benefits From Permanent Cosmetics?

  • Busy people with little time to apply make-up.
  • People with allergies to conventional make-up.
  • Athletic People.
  • Those who are physically incapable of applying make-up.
  • Men and women who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features.
  • Individuals with Cleft lips.
  • People with visual impairments.
  • Individuals suffering from Alopecia (absence of hair).
  • Those who desire to always look their best with little effort.
  • Every baby-boomer who desires to look younger.


"Is It Painful?"
A topical anesthetic is applied prior and during each procedure to numb the epidermis and help ease any discomfort.  Every client is different and some will feel vibrating or a scratch sensation; others will feel nothing at all.  Most clients agree permanent make-up procedures are far more comfortable than anticipated.

What Is The Recovery Period?"
Some clients may experience slight swelling for 1-2 days.  Most can return to normal daily activities right away.

"Do I Have A Choice Of Colors?"
There are many colors to choose from.  Your natural skin color, eye color and hair color are taken into consideration in creating a wonderful natural custom blend of color just right for you.  Each client is like a blank artist's canvas and together we will create a beautiful face!

"How Long Does It Last?"
Depending on the care you give it, permanent cosmetics can last indefinitely.  Over several years it might fade slightly in which case a quick touch-up will liven it up to its original beauty.

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